Who are we?

The World From My Window was founded by two Dans who went to school together over twenty years ago and have a shared passion for using the arts to bring about social awareness. You can read more about us here.

Why are we doing this?

We recognise that for lots of people, lockdown isn’t a time to pause, rest and take stock. For those already in vulnerable situations, isolation can be a more difficult time than normal.

As this project grows, so will our collaboration with charities and organisations working with vulnerable women and children in isolation. You can read more here.

Who is eligible to send us a story?

If you’re over 16, you! We want to hear from anyone that wants to share their story from isolation. Everyone is welcome! Just make sure you read our Terms and Conditions before you enter (you’ll need to agree to them in order to send us a story).

What will we do with the stories you send us?

We’ll be reading all the entries and selecting some of them to be featured on this website. If this initiative really takes off, we’d love to use some of the stories to publish an anthology, any profits from which we’d funnel back to our charity partners. Don’t worry though, if this happens, we’ll get back in touch to ask you if you’re happy for your story to be used in this way. If not, we won’t include it.

What if I’d like my story removed from The World At My Window?

We’d understand, and you’d just need to email info@theworldfrommywindow.com.

What will we do with the personal information you provide?

We’ll be keeping it safe. You can read how we’re treating personal information in our Privacy Policy.

Any other questions at all?

You can get in touch with us with any further questions at info@theworldfrommywindow.com. We’ve just started this initiative – so any queries or feedback would be much appreciated.