Dear Yuri,

There is the moon wrapping itself with a shimmering silver silk. There are the stars shining brightly somehow gently. There is the cool breeze that always knocks on my door as she passes by.

Why do I feel rather lonely?

Back then, the Earth got to celebrate every single night together – wandering around night markets, feasting at our favourite midnight restaurants and even enjoying late night parties with family and friends. Anywhere we went, lights from the skyscrapers shone like thousands of glowing stars that lit up the highway where the hearts of the homesick assembled around.

These days, the people ended up being caged. No gathering, no hugging, no freedom!

It reminded me of my father who shared his plan on surviving during the darkest moment of our life – the end of the world.

“Kids, what will you do when the Sun stops emitting heat and light?”, my father asked me and my brother.

“Well, it definitely will not happen in our lifetime. The sun is still young.”, I replied.

Then, he continued his greatest plan for surviving – “Firstly, run to the convenience store and get some oil, water, dry food. Close all the doors and windows without a single doubt when you return home. Start a fire and sit down together closely with blankets and sweaters on. Eat and drink when necessary…”. “Remember kids, don’t ever leave the house as people will go crazy craving for a single breath. Live as you can.”

Yes, live as you can.

As long as we never give up living, there is still a fighting chance. Light up our souls. The world is still awaiting for us to open the door that sets us free. Follow the rules to keep ourselves and the people around us safe.

People, breathe!

Teo Yee Tong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia