My New Normal ??

Dear Yuri,

My new normal. My new normal is so far from what I’m used to. My new normal is having to wear a mask, not having my life how I know it, how I like it. My new normal is not having holidays, not having a birthday as I know it.

But the biggest one my new normal doesn’t include two of the most amazing people my nan and grandad. They’ve been taken by the angels. This is a new normal that will take me a long time to get my head around.

As I write this I look up at the sky with hope that things will get better not only for me and my family/friends but for the world, my neighbours, strangers who I pass in the street. I hope that a new month brings light at the end of the tunnel, that we are one day closer so are old normal returning in some kind of way.


Char, London, England