You Never Walk Alone

Dear Yuri,

As I look up at the night sky, many thoughts are going on in my head. Staring at the stars makes me wonder if all the people around the globe can see how bright the stars are shining.

Many of us have stayed at home for the past five months and some still have to continue staying at home. This is what the COVID-19 has caused – global lockdown. Honestly, time crawled by like a tortoise during the lockdown, not knowing when it would end. The minutes seemed to be creeping by. As a student, I disliked going to school just like every student does. However, I missed going to school since the first month of the lockdown. I missed having fun with my teachers in class, hanging out with my friends instead of just seeing their faces on my computer screen.

The lockdown indeed has given everyone a massive impact on their lives, including me. After a few months of lockdown, I started to feel lifeless and unmotivated as if life had given up on me. At some point I was down in the dumps and felt hopeless. Spending my time at home 24/7 was a challenge for me because I didn’t know how to make use of time. Eventually, I thought that there were many others suffering from the COVID-19 disease and facing worse problems than I was. Therefore, I started planning out my time. I decluttered my room, baked brownies and many different things that I’ve never tried or wanted to try. It was a great opportunity for me.

Both my sister and brother are overseas and they are having the same problem too. Staying in a foreign country is definitely not a piece of cake especially during this pandemic situation. I’m sure they missed home and I miss them too. Online classes are interesting as I have never experienced it before – I bet most of us never have. I expected it to be extremely boring but overall it isn’t that bad. Though, I prefer going to school.

Words can’t express how much the lockdown has impacted my life but I can feel that I have grown a lot throughout this whole pandemic situation. Now that schools have reopened, I feel relieved. In spite of that, we have to always practise social distancing and wear face masks. Although we will take time to get used to the new normal, I’m sure that everything will be better.

Let’s continue supporting each other and make the world better. Don’t give up on yourself, everything will be alright.

Jasmine Moo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia