Why we do this

When we launched The World From My Window, our hope was that these stories might capture a broad range of experiences from around the world and across the social spectrum. We imagined that some stories would be full of magic, spaceships and wild imagination, and some would be more serious and grounded in something heavier.

We seem to be moving into a new phase; mirroring the patterns we’re seeing around the world as countries emerge from lockdown. Initially we thought that The World From My Window would wind down as lockdown eases up. But even as the world starts moving again and restrictions ease, the stories have kept coming…

We’re seeing stories about rights and injustice, anger and confusion at the state of the world. We’re seeing people using their 300 words to organise their thoughts and start processing their experiences post lockdown. As a result, the platform is capturing shared hopes and fear, and connecting across moments of gratitude as well as sadness. The stories are capturing the full range of experiences and feelings caught up in the human condition; writing, and reading, the stories seems to be an anchor for people at a time of instability and uncertainty.

The World From My Window is a platform to connect across some of these thoughts, feelings and ideas. We value diverse voices, perspectives and experiences. At a time when the world can feel increasingly polarised and disconnected, we’re using our own stories and the power of words to connect across some of these differences and similarities, locally and globally.

The World From My Window wants to amplify as many voices as possible and create an inclusive global community. We’re exploring what it means to be a global citizen in 2020; What are the stories we’re telling ourselves? How do we navigate times of uncertainty? What does my world look like and how does it connect to the lives of the people around me? 

As well as receiving your stories we always love to hear from you. If you have any idea, connections, suggestions or thoughts that you think would help please get in touch.

If you’re experiencing any mental health issues, please do reach out to someone. That could be a friend, a relative, or someone you feel comfortable talking to. If you’d rather talk to someone outside of your friends or family there are lots of people out there who are trained to help you through this.

If you live in the UK, some of the links below would be a good place to start. If you live outside the UK, a simple online search of ‘who can i talk to about my mental health’ should be able to point you in the right direction.

Dan B, Dan S and all of The World From My Window Team

NHS – Every Mind Matters

NHS – Mental Health Helpline

CALM – Campaign against living miserably (men aged 15 – 35)

Young Minds (Child and Adolescent mental health)