4 Walls

Dear Yuri,

Though I don’t know who Yuri is, I welcome you.
It’s funny I care for strangers but I always hurt the ones closest to me.
The 4 walls stay still, they don’t move closer in, they don’t move further out, they just stay still.
No matter how different or intense or dire anything is, the 4 walls. stay the same.
As time passes I grow envious of the 4 walls; I change, my life changes, but the 4 walls stay the same.
The 4 walls don’t adapt; they aren’t the four walls, they are the 4 walls.
I feel as if the 4 walls slowly drain me of my energy, I can’t rest and am held captive to them.
No matter how many times I run or do something beyond my character, the 4 walls keeps me on a leash.
The 4 walls are inescapable, but everyone has a 4 walls.
My 4 walls stop me from becoming someone else; I cannot change and outgrow myself.
I am trapped, even seen with my punctuation, using only “;” or “,”.
The 4 walls give me the illusion of freedom, but in the end they know best.
I like the colour of these mind-forged manacles, does it make me seem fat?
While we waste precious time, the 4 walls are watching.
Every chartered street has 4 walls, everyone in power has a 4 walls, just some people’s 4 walls are comfier.
They guide our decisions, the 4 walls, but some 4 walls are tarnished.

Zain, London, England

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