A Blessing in Disguise

Dear Yuri,

As I look up to the night sky, I ponder and reflect:

Who would know virtual learning would become so crucial when all these while it is only a topic for essay writing? It’s all because of lockdown. Schools might be closed but learning cannot stop. As a full time tutor, I am forced to transform accordingly to meet the demands of worrying parents. It was stressful to begin with as my mind was as blank as a piece of paper when it comes to online-tuitoring but it’s the wisest decision I have ever made.

Who would know I would make a new friend when social distancing is the call of the day? It’s all because of lockdown. Everyone is forced to cook at home and social media is flooded with pictures of food. Neighbours that we have never seen but only social media friends start to exchange food and take turns to cook daily. Do you still think we miss eating out?

Who would know I would sharpen my baking skill despite the restricted movement? It’s all because of lockdown. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Due to ocassional boredom, I start to make some traditional Nyonya ‘kueh’ (kueh means cakes). These kueh are challenging and time-consuming to make, thus not many actually made them anymore. So, I have learned and this tradition won’t disappear, at least not my generation.

One door opens when the other is closed. We need to learn to observe, stay optimistic and be thankful with what is happening today. Thank you Mr Lockdown! You have made me a better person.

Kitty, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia