A New Day, No Change

Dear Yuri,

As I watch the world from my window, it’s almost four am and I can’t help but wonder what the new day will bring. Every day is a new chance and opportunity for change. A change in how we choose to see the world and choose to view others. As I’m getting ready to sleep or at least attempt to, there are people protesting on the streets in a country that is miles away from me. I can’t help but feel useless.

I can share posts on my story and donate until I’m blue in the face but I want to feel as though I’m making a change. I want to make a change.

Perhaps the change starts with me. Recognising in myself that educating others on the colour of my skin and what it means to me to be a person of colour. Learning that my background and heritage is something I should be proud of, learning to speak of my own struggles in my skin rather than brush them aside and act as though the oppression I have received personally hasn’t affected the person I am today.

Maybe when I wake up, I’ll begin my change. Slowly and surely.

T, London, England

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