A Reset

Dear Yuri,

While I open the door of my room, silence no longer accompanies me while the indistinct noise from my family downstairs are echoing in the house. The “home” is no longer empty and quiet this evening. It is finally a “home”. We never have this chance until now, as if we were given a second chance, a chance to have dinner together again.

The night sky in the city however lacks the presence of bright stars; it is replaced by city lights and the lonely moon. The idea of which natural disaster would be the deadliest flows through my mind. I guess it should be either earthquake or flood. But this is different; it’s so tiny. Something that is smaller than humans a million times has caused chaos around the world, forcing every human activity on the globe to stop running. Have any of us ever imagined days like these to come? I doubt yes. This all happened heedlessly which apparently reveals we humans are not matured enough to face this sudden storm.

Storms don’t come to teach us painful lessons, rather they were meant to wash us clean. I would take this as a hard reset for the current world now apart from all the brave medical frontliners. It is a time for us to take a break for a long journey ahead. We must fully recharge ourselves from the period now and ready to pace up on everything we have left undone after this season ends. We might not know when this ends, but we must faithfully believe this calamity will soon end.

Loh Jin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia