All the Things I Didn’t Say

Dear Yuri,

I look into the night sky and the first thing think of is her angelical face. I think of the last time we saw each other, the last time she gave me a smile, the last time she squeezed me into her arms. I think of the last time we had a conversation in person and how my stomach was aching, and my skin was anxious to feel hers. I think of that time and I regret not doing all the things I wanted to, I regret all the things I never said to her. If they told me that was the last time I’ll see her forever, I wouldn’t think twice to hold her for the rest of eternity.

And as I look at the sky I wonder: Does she feels the same way? Is she thinking about me? Why does she look so vulnerable in my eyes when she’s the strongest person I ever met?

And it makes me feel like shit. Because while the world is going through a hard time and people are risking their lives to save others and provide, I still think about her and that beautiful smile.

Nana, Bayamón, Puerto Rico

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