Before These Nights

Dear Yuri,

How I wonder what happened to the city lights,
yet the stars shine brighter than before these nights.
I dream and imagine of the time I’ll hug my friends,
before overthinking and coming to many dead ends.
Fear clouds my future,
it’s fogged and left my mind tortured.
And as I struggle against these thoughts,
I take courage and comfort that mine isn’t the only battle being fought.
I check up on my friends to see if they’re fine,
for this happiness within us is becoming harder to find.
Long drives to catch the sunsets are the only thing I look forward to,
and I see myself rise in spirits as I write this to you.
The laughter echoes and resonates in my house,
my family and I wonder what’d happen when this fear is doused.
I pray and pray to our 333 million Gods,
to shower mercy and help us out of these odds.
It works, but slow and steady,
effective for all and many.
Nostalgia hits, of the times before,
when we would walk along the waves by the shore.
It puts a smile on my face,
when I hear my grandpa’s fears dissipate.
And now I take leave of you,
hopefully turning into a new leaf or two.
For now I’ve put my thoughts to rest,
these words represent them the best.

Vaijayanthi, Chennai, India