Birdie’s (point of) View

Dear Yuri,

I used to see humans walking, running, dancing in the streets. I used to smell the delicious street market food. I used to sing my whole repertoire and not be heard. My sound would blend into the noise of the lively city and mix with the brouhaha of a population.

I’m now flying over a not-so-busy central London…

– Am I part of the cast for a new blockbuster?
– Are humans taking a break?
– Where are they?

I feel like I’m the only living creature in this empty urban area.

My friend, a little bird, told me: – Covid-19 is here.

This virus is like pressing pause on the World. Devastatingly pressing stop on too many humans.

-When will the city come alive again?
-Are the people going to heal?

I’m now flying back home in a London suburb area where it’s usually quiet anyway.

I’ve noticed a lot of drawings and words on the windows recently. The creativity in this reality is simply beautiful.

Alone and lonely or with your family, patience and respect are key.
Hope isn’t locked.

We can now realise the importance of a remembrance and seize the silence…

Oh, and… by the way, I’m still singing my whole repertoire every day. Sing with me!

Yours truly,


Laetitia, London, England

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