Freedom In Lockdown

Dear Yuri,

To look, to see!
Why we are the way we are. To question the things we live with. The suffering and discrimination we face, no matter subtle they may be.

To look, to see!
The make up of society. The strings that rule our lives and the chains of fear we carry.

To start, to act!
To take back what is rightfully ours. To take back our freedom of how we want to live our lives without compromise of culture, race, class, gender, age and other differences.

To stop and think! On how we fight back systems that profit from our differences and fears. Systems that promote self hate and self doubt.

To stop and grow in isolation. To emerge from the ashes, understanding what really matters in this world is to love and be loved.

To not let your mind and soul be clouded by the constructs of greed and fear.

To recognise our beauty and worth and that we don’t need to put others down to feel better about ourselves.

Wake up and stay woke. Be unapologetically free.

Remember you are enough!!

Bloom in the darkness of Lockdown.

Ifa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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