Glittery Notebook

Dear Yuri,

It’s been 2 months since I got to see the busy streets of our city. It has been 2 months since I saw my other relatives and friends. 61 days of praying and hoping that everything will be okay and that all is well.

Before this quarantine begun, I bought this notebook in which I thought I would use for my drawings and sketches. Never thought that this would save me from my loneliness and anxieties when it hits me. The funny thing is, I did not use it for my drawings. Whenever I feel really, really down, I wrote it there. For me to be reminded of how strong I was that day. I wrote every piece of emotion that I was and still feeling all throughout this worldwide struggle.

This quarantine has been hard. It has been hard for every human being in this world. I know that after this pandemic, all of us will never be the same. We will be so much stronger than before. Because, we will fight together until this battle ends.

Danielle, Cebu City, Philippines

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