Help Me To Hold On

Dear Yuri,

As I look up at the night sky from my cottage on a tiny island in Sweden, I feel the presence of Mother Nature presiding over us, holding us in this moment of stillness together all around the world. I have turned off the news because it only blurts out short-sighted fear and uncertainty, whereas the skies, the lake, the forest and the sounds of the night animals give me comfort. I can even take solace in the thought that viruses have their place in this extraordinary creation, just as the dignity of all living things must be respected on this planet. Here in Sweden, our lockdown is voluntary, but most people have stayed at home. We have been learning a new way to live, just like everyone else. We grieve for our dead, and the only way to honour them well is not to forget the many valuable things we have learned about ourselves. There is a tear in my eye at the possibility of losing the wonder of this time. I ask the night sky to help me to hold on.

Julie, Stockholm, Sweden