Human Today

Dear Yuri,

Honey, keep your eyes shut
until we scare the nightmare away.
Limit our love to eye contact.
It’s dangerous to be a human today.

Ghosts haunting the streets
I used to walk absent-minded.
Trying to glue back together
what used to keep us divided.

Little black screens that keep
unfortunate numbers on display.
Not a soul who’s ever met sorrow
would like to be a human today.

The deceiving countdown threw a tantrum
to the rhythm of “darling, let’s battle”.
These four walls have effortlessly
gotten the entire world rattled.

Counting the hugs you owe me
and the choices that led us astray.
I had blood in my veins yesterday,
but I feel barely human today.

Holding onto the memory
of my naked feet on the sand.
Flashback to the dazzling night
when you could’ve held my hand.

Leaders are asking for mercy.
The stars are playing with clay.
Sing me to sleep, wake me up tomorrow.
I can’t be a human today.

Ana, Madrid, Spain

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