I Often Wonder

Dear Yuri,

I often wonder when it will hit close to home
My mom is on the front line
And to be honest it’s just a matter of time
I wait for the call that tells me she can’t come home
I wonder what the world is going to become
After all of this is over what is going to be the outcome
Will we all go back to how we were before accustom
Will the hate and negativity come back stronger than ever
Will we forget the positivity we’ve had for each other
I wish we could focus the news on the people who are fighting for our return
Instead of the leaders who say no more than three words and show no concern
What’s gonna happen when the world returns
No one truly knows, but we all play a part
I hope when all of this is over we continue to be smart
Continue to love over hate, but that’s just the start

Kathryn, Festus, Missouri

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