Instagram Is My Drug

Dear Yuri,

Instagram has become my drug. And here’s my thank you letter to them.:


Hi Instagram,

Thank you for my daily strolls through the park that have been distracted by my daily strolls of my feed.

Thank you for my daily hit of dopamine, that “like” you just gave me – feels like I have just punched one of my insecurities.

“Let me post on my story” has been swiped right, when “Be in the moment” has gone left.

Left? What is left for me.

Used to the lime light.

Used to hearing

Stripped that away what do you see?

Being in a room full of light I see that fading light slowly getting smaller.

The roundness of that light,

Reminds me of the moon,

I can see it going and I don’t want it to fade.

Don’t fade.

The full moon gives me happiness,

But, I tell myself,

Don’t loose the sight of the moon.

I look out, up,

to the stars,

The one shining star glistening gives me hope, gives me the reassurance to cope.

Anthony, London, England

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