It’s When We Slow Down That Happiness Is Found

Dear Yuri,

Alone in isolation.
Lonely, bored, confused.
And yet some still gather in congregation,
We are not amused.

I sit at home, alone,
and moan,
I miss my twin
and drinking gin
on her balcony.
I miss normality.

At least I have Peanut‚ my feline friend,
Who silently judges me as I online shop and spend.
All he does is sleep, eat and cry,
I think I’m describing myself there‚ I sigh.

I’ve taken to talking to myself and my cat,
whilst wandering aimlessly around my flat.
Or practising another Tik Tok routine.
My apartment has never been so clean!
I’m re-reading the forgotten books on my shelf,
and making time for myself.

Lockdown has given me an abundance of hours to pass,
To reflect on my life and not let it bypass.
I consider what I actually miss,
This time to slow down is actually quite bliss.

My teaching job is now online,
but I feel more like an IT Hotline!
“Miss, it won’t let me open it”,
“Miss, what do I do?”,
“Miss, what will my grade be? Can you give us a clue?”‚
I miss face to face teaching, the noise and the laughter,
I’ll not take it for granted from here on after!

We’re always so busy, rushing around,
But it’s when we slowdown that happiness is found.
So, we rest.
Whilst the Doctors, nurses and key workers do their best.
We thank the NHS.
Stay home, survive.
Stay alive.

Vanessa, Manchester, England

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