It’s Worth The Wait

Dear Yuri,

Like almost everyone around me, I am also anxiously watching the effects of this pandemic ripple through the world and its people.

Many of us have stopped going to work, but we are working from home. Many of us have seen circumstances change, but we continue to find ways to operate. We have abandoned chasing after what we want, and we are focusing only on what we need. We are learning new skills and working towards coming back stronger.

We are spending quality time with our families and rediscovering simple joys and simpler times. We are pursuing our passions and hobbies, and reconnecting with ourselves. We have stopped shaking hands, but we are reaching across the screens to stay connected. We find ourselves locked in, but not locked out from a new world of opportunities that are waiting to be discovered.

We are staying indoors now, so that we can be together again sooner and safely.
We may be distanced from each other, but even that won’t keep us apart.

We may have stopped going places, but we are still moving forward.
We may have slowed down, we have not stopped.

We may be on different ships, but we’re facing the same storm.
We know we’re not alone, and that we’re all in this together.

We are looking at the night sky, and we are seeing the stars.
We are focusing on the light, and it sparks the flames of hope.

We are finding the time to breathe, and truly appreciate being able to do so.
And with every breath we take, we will make all of this worth the wait.

Elizabeth, Bangalore, India