Lessons From Nature

Dear Yuri

I am filled with a sense of wonder at the power of nature. Over the last few months, she has healed herself, displayed her true beauty in full force, all the while making us feel ashamed of the abuse we have been dealing out over the years. She has taught us, how insignificant we are in the larger scheme of things. How life can and indeed will go on without us. That we are simply here on this Earth as her guests, and that we are dependent on her benevolence, not vice versa. It is clear now that we need to become more mindful… of how we treat the environment. She has also given us the gift of time for reflection. A chance to pause, slow down and start appreciating the things we’ve been taking for granted… our families, our friends, and our freedom. Two key questions we must ask ourselves each day, going forward, is “Are we doing enough for her to forgiven us our sins?” and “Are we focusing on being kinder to ourselves and others by building our reliance, empathy and simply reconnecting?”

Udiksha, Delhi, India