Let’s Do This Together

Waking up again. I looked through my window. Same view as yesterday… still nothing to view – emptiness.
Is it really empty? Or is it me? Maybe I can’t find something to look at anymore… I used to be such an observant person while growing up. 20 and I’m writing like if I’m not growing up no longer…
Growing up isn’t just getting older or taller or “wrinklier”. I’ve been thinking and I found out growing up is really something that keeps you amazed every single day.
Some days, you wake up and you look through your window and you think *Pissing Hell* – all you can find is a blanked view. You hate it.
Some days, you try once again and you’re able to see a really colourful view, tho. You feel grateful.
I guess that’s what growing up is about… looking through your window and find out what you can do to change the view. You like it more colourful? What are you waiting for then? Go ahead, grab some brushes and just PAINT. Do you, do it with the ones you love. Paint your feelings.
But don’t ever forget… the view isn’t just yours. You call it “the view from my window” but the window is the only thing that is yours. You’re one of the lucky ones prized with sharing a view with thousands of amazing beings.
The goal is really this simple… You shared this view all those years while growing up and now you want to be a part of it. Nice. Share your brushes. Make it ours view. Let’s paint it together. Beautiful or ugly… matter of perspective. I bet together we’ll come up with something great.
That’s the beauty of growing up, isn’t it? We can make it together. And trust me, we’ll make it big!


Joana, Aveiro, Portugal