Life’s A Bubble

I bubble out of control
a sense of insecurity
and vanity
I lie in the bubbles
suffocating in my troubles
I question if I will make it out
as I scroll through every pout
every filtered cheek
as we countdown the weeks
to freedom again
the freedom we had before
was for all the wrong reasons
we were toxic
and inconsistent
a hashtag on Monday
and hate on Tuesday
our phones were our soul
drowning in media began to take its tole
we would sit at the dinner table
fixated on what was the right label
every second taken for granted
not at least the talented
but then
a virus came around
and suddenly loo rolls became the crown
there was panic, fear of the unknown
yet a sense of realisation as we sit at home
with zooms and netflix
and football best bits
we found a voice
to racism and hatred
we stood up taller than ever
and braced ourselves for more dark weather
society changed
people did it, not just cuz it was the rage
the fight still goes on
it never stops
equality will be at the top
growling stomachs will be no more
the hours of tensing, editing and breathing in
will be exposed
not least for the ones that hide cuts under their clothes
questioning if they’re enough
or how much longer they can pretend to look tough
but when we find the cure
and we’re allowed to go outside
we’ll prefer the world we found
to the one we’ve left behind
the fights for change
to be all engaged
ignorance will never win
no matter how many votes are put in the tin
and closer
our new normal
will be the most moral.
This is just the start.


Rosie, York, United Kingdom