Lockdown Lyrics

Dear Yuri,

Lockdown was forced upon us,
Because of an illness spread like dust,
Stay at home our government pleaded,
To say the virus was gone would mean we have succeeded,

It was quite a shock at the start,
Empty supermarket shelves and keeping families apart,
Anxiety levels were increasing by the minute,
I just couldn’t wait until it was all finished,

Little did we know we were in for a long ride,
The virus took its toll claiming thousands of lives,
The uncertainty filling our minds with dread,
Thoughts were consuming me when I went to bed,

I exercised, ate well and meditated,
Hoping that would keep me from being medicated,
I washed my hands over and over again,
Made to do lists with a paper and pen,

I forgot what day is was on many occasions,
Was it Wednesday or Friday? It caused me frustration,
I avoided the lies being spread on the news,
The negativity made me feel very blue,

I focused on the positive things,
And when I’ve needed given my friends a ring,
I’ve studied and raised money for our NHS,
Singing every week I made it my quest,

Normality will resume one day,
This will be a memory that we will say,
Affected us for a short while,
But we still managed to make each other smile.

Zoe, Kent, England

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