Make Kindness Catching

A long road it’s been with seemingly no end
However in these dark times we’ve seen people with kindness to lend.
Where should we start as there’s so much to cover?
Well I want to talk about the love we’ve shown to one another.

The NHS clap on Thursday at 7 o’clock.
Not to mention the other services who have been a complete rock.
Teachers, cleaners and what about the police?
They’ve all been there helping us with a semblance of peace.

There’s so many others I’d like to give thanks.
The way they’ve stepped up and helped hold down the ranks.

Let’s not stop the kindness why end it now?
Why don’t YOU demonstrate some and inspire others as to how.
Kindness is a part of what makes the world go round.
So lets make sure everywhere you look, there’s some to be found


Mel, London, England