My Lockdown Words

Dear Yuri,

It’s been a while since I took my pen and paper to write
I use my words to put out the thoughts that has always given me a fright.
I’m from a small city of even a smaller country
Where most people can’t distinguish between desire and necessity,
Here, when some are running from alleys to alleys
For the search of their sustenance;
The affluent are going viral with their Instagram and Tiktok trends.
Life is very much weird when it has been given bindings
The four walls of the bedrooms are not anymore making into the list of likings
Even a few days ago when the only thing I wished was to stay home
Didn’t realise that, there were better things to wish for,
It’s been two months since I last saw my friends,
Didn’t hug them goodbye;
Because I thought we would soon meet again.
While life is falling into such a normal pattern
I am not  sure if  this is the normality that I want.
Chaos killed liberty;
And life is hanging on the strings of uncertainty.
The world from my window is so reposeful
It is more unnerving than the solitude of the tormented soul.
I see the brothers digging the grave of kinsmen alone,
Own’s sake is being the obstacle from joining along
But even in this state of obscurity
Hope is giving me the elixir of mental immortality.
Mom and dad don’t return home late anymore,
Neither their fights last all night long.
The songs are making more sense now,
The melody and the rhythm are like waves, crests and troughs.
The hobby of reading books found its pace back,
The death of favourite character is now what keeps me awake.
Every new conversation now ends with a silent promise of can’t wait to see you.
For-granted life?
What is that?
Now everyone knows its value.
The night sky is not anymore bright for the neon lights,
The sky is now cloudless and bright with the stars and moon light.
The world is all about balance.
We have burnt the world down along the ages,
Now it will rise from the ashes.
My once old Professor Dumbledore said,
Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on light.
Now that this darkness is engulfing our lives,
Acceptance of mistakes and learning from that will work as the light.
Maybe there will finally come the time
When the artist will paint their canvas again,
When the writer will write a slice of life again,
When the musician will play the tune of life again,
Maybe there will come the time when the children will play on playgrounds again,
And when the masks and gloves and vests will not be a part of necessity anymore
But now that the line between life and death is clearer than ever,
The hope is still here so that no one takes freedom, lives, happiness and relations for granted ever.

Larnia, Dhaka, Bangladesh