Dear Yuri.

As Corona swept the globe, and all we knew is no more, there is one thing that remained constant.


As communities grew closer together, and essential workers recognised, there was still a constant.


As people clapped for carers, and found solace in one another, there was still a constant.


And as we slowly start going back to work, curfews being lifted and lockdown eased, racism still plunges on.

And my soul is numb, another race motivated killing, and I’m not surprised. My heart is broken because I cannot react anymore. Videos circulating of hate crimes. How can some discriminate based on the colour of ones skin. The earth is healing from our antics, why can’t the human race.

So while Corona continues to kill, one day it will disappear. But racism? I’m not so sure.

Salma, Nairobi, Kenya

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