Passing thoughts

Dear Yuri,

Heads clear then it’s a fog. Can’t think next thrust into overdrive. Let’s speak. Actually, maybe I’ll let my phone die, for a day, a week, maybe more. Now I understand the practice of patience. We did not invite it but would be mad to ignore it. We miss the fast pace. This is not our destiny but know there is wealth in this pause. Learning is wealth. Lessons learnt intrinsic to your next chapter. Enriching your pilgrimage. Open up the well spring of your creativity. Stop wasting time. But there’s time to waste? Time to think. Time to overthink. How many bottles of wine can make a heart sing? Was that another full moon last night? Fill your morning cups of coffee with affirmations of positivity. Meditation is healing. Stop sabotaging yourself in fear of what’s socially acceptable? Don’t fit yourself into one box.
Voices never been heard, now heard. Saving yourself is the best fucking thing you can do. Communicate with the voiceless part of yourself.

Dysfunctional is the new normal. There’s no pleasure without chaos. Walls are up to be jumped over. Bridges are there to cross over. There’s no perfect. Don’t compare your world to their desperate reflections of perfection/dressed in fabrications. The reality is opposite. The light in that darkness is not so kind. Black mirror uncover yourself. Theres beauty in a paradox. Cherish it. Don’t judge or blame. Don’t point fingers. Images are there to be glanced at not remembered.

Hot breath, tight chest.
It’s just a passing feeling. Ride through it. Be present.
Breathe in, breathe out, go with the flow, hold breath and let go. Cold showers. Harness your power. Be aware of the pain. By embracing what unnerves us we grow stronger.
This is what is it like for me or at least what it is like in words, until I can show thee.

Lily Jean, London, England

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