Set People Free

Dear Yuri,

The world from my window
both as big as it’s small
Millions of stars
when there is no light at all.

Through the day lots of people
I see them walk by
without their phone in their hand
they look up at the sky.

The song of the blackbird
Is much louder right now
Than the purr of few engines
Which seem muted somehow

The sun has been shining
So much brighter it seems
The fluffiest clouds
Oh how white they do gleam

In noticing nature
I feel more alive
Drawn to the windows
Not withdrawing inside

I don’t want to go back
To the times from before
A world where you rushed
From inside to car door

I don’t want to miss family
For a daily commute
Or freshly cooked lunches
For pre-packaged gloop

I don’t want to work in box
With pumped air
But in a space that’s familiar
For a time that is fair

I want life to be flexible
Take a class in the morn‘
Instead insistent alarms
That awake with a yawn

How much I have learnt
From this life in lockdown
Whilst the bad stuff’s still happening
It is easy to frown

The world from my window
so much bigger than me
Ironic this lockdown
Has set people free.

Freya, Wokingham, England

Written as part of ‘Centrepoint UK Challenge Accepted’ project

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