She Is A Grenade

Dear Yuri,

Today is the 39th day of quarantine in Palestine.

My bed kicked me out early today, you see, sleep is no longer something we miss. But waking up early allowed me to have breakfast with my parents. They are in their 60s. Before this crisis I could not spend enough time with them because I work in two jobs throughout the week. I always felt afraid that time would pass quickly and one day I would not be able to hear their voices. Now I get to see them more, this is one good side of the crisis.

As a university teacher, now I have to conduct lectures over the Internet, it is really exhausting. I spend a lot of time preparing, we are not used to e-learning. This virus did not give us enough time to prepare, naughty.

Dear Yuri, I’m a clinical pharmacist too, I love my job but it is terrifying in this crisis. I deal with patients and I come back every day to my parents. I am afraid that I will pass the virus on to them. I’m young I will survive if I catch the virus, but what about them!
This crisis is different, we are all afraid to leave our houses because we fear for our loved ones and not for our sake. But what if staying home is not an option? and what if I don’t have other places to come back to other than my home!
I am like a grenade, I would put everyone I meet in danger. I am the one who sees the sick, I am dangerous, it is a painful feeling my friend.

But this too shall pass.

Of note, my window overlooks a beautiful landscape and I can see that nature is breathing my friend, it is greener than ever.

Hiba, Palestine