Shout Out To Hubble

Dear Yuri,

I’m feeling reflective and tiny down here, the universe is very big.

The Hubble telescope has all grown up – it’s been out there 30 years and is looking out and over the whole thing now, and you can’t hear me Yuri and it can’t either because we’re just miniature organisms down here – like a little virus, a very effective one, all told.

I’m shouting into the wind, work has vanished and I’m pedalling uphill, trying to find an alternative, time slips by at such a rate- maybe I’m just whispering. No one can hear me write that’s for sure, and why should they? I’m just a tiny organism.

Its all much quieter without the planes going over but I’m listening to it all starting up again… with dread, the rumble is beginning again. and meanwhile there are people I know who have just not stopped at all – it’s the same as before for them, but harder.

This thing divides us and at the same time I see it strengthening our community from the ground up- often very literally- soil and seeds and plants and tools come in a steady stream of offers on local groups. I really hope we collectively find a way to hang onto this new wind , to change some things round here on our little dot of insignificant green down here, rather than this constant spreading and dividing of ourselves.

Social media leaves me cold, and all the new means to keep ourselves watched. I have to keep digging deep , so plants (just growing) make sense… but everything else?

Our planet needs some help, the blue is going to engulf the green if we don’t watch out, if we don’t stop listening to selfish, destructive elements directing us from on high.

So, I look at the sky.

Kate, Brentford, Middlesex

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