Sky Light

Dear Yuri,

The barrier between you and the vast vacuum of space must have felt quite thin at moments; did you ever feel afraid that that barrier might fail? You knew it’d mean certain death. For us, our threat is a different sort of unknown. It’s somewhere on the road map of our minds between miscomprehension, shock, terror, and something else…and it’s that something else that I look for beyond the glass of this window. The silver linings, the small pleasures, the shimmer of some sort of magic, which often looks like hope, especially at sunrise. It’s epic, this perspective, yet it’s fragile…it’s the mindset of an innocent or an optimist and yet all around there’s temptation to fall down the chute of despair. If we are not policing others, we need to police ourselves, and with determination I say it’s kind policing (no tasers, no shootings); quiet inner stirring of fear, hush and smooth my breath. The best thing i can do, and by gosh we all feel we need a purpose here, is to keep grounded and positive. I say sweet dreams and be well, Yuri and the universe, before I draw the curtains.

Emily, Cambridge, England

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