Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Dear Yuri,

As I look out of my window, I sit and wonder. Wondering just when we’ll learn.

Learning not just from the past, but learning for the future.

“Stay alert”, they say. But the irony is laced within our government’s cabinet, like the laces on a derelict pair of shoes.

We’ll reach normality, we’re told.  Now our plans start with “when this is all over”. But how can this end when more in our society needs to be done before we can live in clarity?

Cheers and clangs of pots and pans fill our streets that had once been nothing but a void of community.

And who would have thought it would have taken a global pandemic for us to hear a simple “hello” from a neighbour that was once a stranger?

We clap for our NHS and key workers to show our thanks for these workers who are at the bottom of the social ladder, putting themselves in danger on the orders of those at the top… doesn’t this sound familiar?

We must do more to help them. Now.

A simple pay rise would do, Bojo. To help our friends and heroes in need.

The money in your tailored trousers could probably afford,

But helping hose in desperate need was a false dichotomy, written permanently on your manifesto that you now ignore.

A drawing of a rainbow is blue-tacked on my window, with sunlight cascading upon it. Shades of green and yellow becoming more vibrant, swirling together, creating a symbol of hope and unity.

And this is what I have learnt.

I will take it with me whenever we reach the other side. Stitched into me, a permanent reminder of what was learnt in the year 2020, as I sit here, looking outside my window, yearning for a new beginning.

Regan, Nottingham, England

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