Struggling or Trying?

Dear Yuri

A Father and Daughter cautiously carrying an elderly mother to a park bench.
A Man sat solo, staring at the water drinking beers from a carrier bag.
A Man jogging, heavy in sweat scaling a hill he’s only ever walked up, dressed in plimsolls with holes in and jean shorts because that’s all he has.
The Caretaker, tirelessly picking up strewn rubbish from the streets and putting it into bins when others have been lazy or preoccupied.
The Chain Smokers in the stairway, mothers, teenagers, step fathers, relatives, stealing a brief moment to breathe, to save themselves and the others they live with.
The Friend who listens, even though they had plans but didn’t tell you.
The Child who doesn’t understand but does what they’re told because they see the strain in their parents’ eyes.
The Vulnerable who have been told to shield from the things that make them feel alive.
The Boyfriend that loses his temper and shouts, the Girlfriend who sighs.
Both of them who forgive.
The Sick that hold on for the morning sun on their face.
The Worker, diligently risking their life for the strangers being paid to stay at home.
A Widow nursing a baby through the night and entertaining a toddler in the day, too tired to finish a glass of wine with friends.
A Grandparent waving from the window, calling afterwards to say thanks for making their day, their week, their life.

We’re all Trying to survive. Some have found their reasons, some haven’t yet, and some don’t believe they have any. No-one has it harder or easier. No-one has it the same. But what we do share is the Fight, the Spirit, the Faith in our ability to survive and the Desire to live –
long enough to know and understand

Alice, London, England

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