The Gift Of Having Time

Dear Yuri,

Do you know this feeling?

Always moving forward and never stopping. Time and stress and not ever having enough time, running out of time, feeling overwhelmed, because there is no way to finish it all on time. Endless hours I used to procrastinate, worrying about not being able to manage all that was on my to do list on time while losing the precious time I had.
So what do you do when you are suddenly given so much time? You finally do the things that you have been missing in your life: you read some good books, create artwork, you sing, you video call your friends from all over the world, you play board games with your family, you binge watch your favourite show and you admire every small flower in your garden. At least that is what I did.

The world is facing one of its biggest challenges and we have come together as one, even though we are further away from each other than ever, physically. It’s as if the world was paused for a little, giving us human beings time to connect with each other and reminding us that after all, we are all one, facing the same issues.

Although lockdown has restricted our freedom, my soul has never felt this free. I am letting the light in as I sit in the sun, flourishing, shining, overwhelmed, not with stress or not having enough time, but with happiness. I have learnt to manage my anxiety, to focus on the good and most importantly, to make time for the things that I love. And for that I am grateful as I stare out the window, observing the world.

Nicole, Wurzburg, Germany