The Last Sunset

Dear Yuri,

Sir, this poem is about a Covid 19 patient who had a desire enjoying the last sunset from his city-street.

A 87 years elderly coronavirus patient of Shanghai desires to enjoy the Sunset from the city street. He may know it will be the last sunset of his life. The World sees the pictures and cries and they call it ‘The Last Sunset’. My poem is to remember the very violinist and those who have died in Covid 19…


The Last Sunset

Death with her icy hands is waiting,
not alone but with crew for fighting.
Perhaps,I will be defeated to be triumphed.
Who knows, will it ever stop its rampaged?
Life is barren, barren is my ledger book!
I see nothing, none with me wherever I look.

Death is a must, death is beautiful.
Only way forgathering the merciful.
May I never hear the cricketing song?
May I never waive bed with the sound of gong?
I may leave all I have countable material,
Going to meet with the supreme spiritual.

O Lord! Soliciting to you for another sunny day.
I wish I enjoy the last sunset in time of my fey.

Shahidul, Lecturer of English, Dhaka,Bangladesh