The Lion and The Mouse

Picture a lion. What do you think of? You were thinking of powerful weren’t you? Now I want you to still think of that lion but picture the lion next to a mouse. The mouse is smaller and not as strong as the lion. What word do you think of when you think of how the mouse feels next to the lion? You thought of afraid right? This is how a woman feels on the streets. Helpless. Powerless. Afraid. Having to clutch their keys into their hands. regular checks behind them. Fake phone calls. Ever seen a man have to do any of that? Ever seen a man have to fight for his rights? The answer is no; because of this a man will never respect his power, he will misuse his power for sexual pleasure, he will interrupt a woman who is stating a point because he thinks they are wrong, he will refer to a woman as an object. I can her it now “not all men are like this”, and I agree, not all planes crash, but because we know they can, we are afraid. Plane crashes are out of control and happen accidentally, but a man making a woman afraid isn’t accidental. I fear for the future, only if we don’t learn to equalise now because we have had over 117 years since women gained rights and we thought that that was enough to equalise but 117 years down the line we have our rights, but are still having the same argument. So back to the lion and the mouse, the lions natural instinct would be to kill the mouse. Does a mans instinct really have to be to think they are above a woman?

Katie, Telford, England