The Little Things

The dawn of a new life, new rays of hope begins. The life since the quarantine days has taught me a lot than one can learn in a lifetime. The sight of full moon still exults me, the rain still soothes me. Everything is same, except that it feels somewhat more captivating. Because of sheer isolation from nature, I have come to admit that I’m craving it, every moment. I always tell myself to be strong in daunting times, to combat the toughest of situations. Life doesn’t really feel bad as long as you feel fresh air, eat sumptuous meals and connect to the right people. That’s all you ever need.

I like starry nights, when the sky is clear and there’s nothing to obstruct the shimmering. I feel myself drifting away from the concrete walls, the traffic lights, all the chaos of life. That brief period energises my mind, makes me want to rearrange my life once again.

Every little things count. The cat on the couch, the piano lying in a corner, the window which separates me from the rest of the world, everything. Happiness lies in the smallest of things, it’s your job to think that they’re big.

Mantaka, Narayanganj, Bangladesh