The Lonely Star

Dear Yuri,

Almost 60 years ago, when you looked at this planet which looks so peaceful on the outside but filled with all the madness and chaos on the inside you did not know what would have happened when you press the fast forward button to 60 years. But here I am staring out at the night sky through my apartment window alone as I ponder over the memories of my past. I always wanted to be alone and away from my parents to be independent. Now I am all lonely in my apartment stuck in here for another month or so due to this lockdown. Hoping for a little break to spend time with them. I really hope that my past self knew this. Times change Yuri. They do. Along with time changes the thoughts of this species called Homo Sapiens. We always think we are surrounded by a million stars. But in reality, we are just a lonely star in the huge sky.

Abirami, Chennai, India