The View From Halfway Up

Dear Yuri,

Isolation has been different from everything I have experienced.

Friends and family apart, even living on the same neighbourhood. Staying with my own thoughts all day long, being forced to face my loud heartbeat.

When I look at the night skies, it brings me the peace we feel when we face de wonders of our universe, and the exciting feeling of mystery and hope for the future.

Better days will come.

I’ve been through a lot in this journey of self discovery and I am beginning to feel ok with myself and with who I am. I feel now that even alone in this house, I am not alone in the world, and there will be so much happiness to share after all this pass.

Thanks to all the people who are doing quarantine in the name of people’s health. You are all part of this fight, stay strong!

Nara, João Pessoa, Paraíba

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