The World From Within

Dear Yuri,


I have infinite power running down my veins,
My body’s confidently completing gestures I order it to make.
I’m the Sunday roast dinner families await ,
Until I become a plate covered in saran wrap with left-over goods from the previous day.

I reopen my gates of reality – a little longer this time a little wider and with a little bit of rage!
Unfortunately I establish we are exactly the same strings of the puppet being pulled, being manipulated, being restrained,


The only difference there could be is whether you permit it to empower you,
or ignore what it’s lying about to actually be free.

For me, the voices ceased me from within, so so loud,
I sense my heart reigning my throat,
Thumping inside my ears,
Vibrating down to my toes!
I didn’t want it to but my crippled tongue, having so much to covey had still very little it could say!
Depending on the day I transformed to either blizzards in the desert or the sun on a rainy day.

Being suffocated by my own overdoes of self-care,
I think I’m winning a race
I stop for a moment to notice there is nobody behind me,
Still I carry on, unaware of where this route will lead me,
I just know I will be happy and cage the unnecessary,
Or I will let my predator hypnotise me until there is no going back for anybody,
Just the very few memories I made, being buried besides me!

Ruqaiyah. Nottingham, England

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