True Colours Behind Lockdown

Dear Yuri,

A few months ago, the phrase #bekind went viral, shortly after someone well known took her life, after a series of well published incidents. There became a movement, a call to action on how we should treat others and recognise how our actions can affect other people. I’ve always been brought up to think about other people, sometimes perhaps too much. I’m self aware and recognise the impact of my words and actions on another’s feelings. I think it’s quite simple to be a good person, and to make other people feel good, or to try your best.

The one thing I’ve realised through lockdown is how blessed I am to have such a supportive network of friends around me who care and love me. And not just that – we’ve all seen the acts of kindness from others to help people in need and that rings home how society SHOULD be.

In saying that, I am now aware that lockdown has shown everyone’s true colours. Friends who you thought you’d be there are not, lovers turn against you and bring you down. Not everything about lockdown and people is so rosy. Not everyone has that maturity, or that sense of love for others. Not everyone cares about your emotions or your feelings and sometimes you cruelly learn the hard way about them and their lack of empathy. This should never impact the way YOU treat people, and I truly believe we should try our hardest, in this one and only life, to be the best version of ourselves possible. When this lockdown lifts, I hope the kindness people have shown remains.

What’s the conclusion to this? Well, in the words of my mother, treat others how YOU want to be treated – which roughly translates as don’t be a giant sh*t bag… Now more than EVER we need love and kindness.

Emily, London, England

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