Wandering In Thoughts

Dear Yuri,

It’s around 3 am, the sky is full of stars and a wanderer is lost in his thoughts with tears in his eyes, hope in his heart while determination in his dreams of pursuing goals.

He is wandering in thoughts of those lush green meadows, those fresh flowers, the sounds of that bird, that dazzling clouds and roaring thunders, that camping site and small broken kitchen, those tired yet happy faces of my team of hikers, yeah everyone, this wanderer is missing you.

I am missing the time I have spent while hiking through those marvelous mountains of Karakoram Range, those paths which carry thousands of determined hikers to their destination, missing the sounds of those rushing streams, that whisper of cold breezes, that cow which was staring at us, that dust on our faces which never washed away with first face wash, the scent of that dirt after rain, that mountain which was standing over there for so long, that sunset which was fading down with a lot of dreams, that sky full of stars and that moon which enlighten our path through its illuminant sparkling shines.

I am missing that bus stand from where I used to catch my bus for university, that campus’s gatekeeper who used to greet us with a smile in the early morning, that teacher who fulfilled his duties with honesty, that ringing of the phone of some student in the middle of class, that sleeping during the lecture and everyone and everything on and in the university campus.

I am feeling sorry to my junior who was texting me but I didn’t reply because I was listening to my favorite podcast, sorry to my brothers and sisters around me who were in need and I couldn’t help them, I am sorry to the person who came to me to tell me his story and I ignored him, I am sorry to the person who tried to love me but I didn’t love back. I am sorry to that kid who was unable to get into school and I didn’t teach him. I am sorry that an old man who was selling balloons to earn dinner for his kids and I changed my path to avoid him. I am sorry for that friend who used to call me in the middle of the night, and I turned off my phone.

But I am hoping to get a chance to correct my mistakes and never repeat them again. I am hopeful after every dusk there comes the dawn.

Shehzad, Peshawar, Pakistan

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