Words From An E-Game Character

Dear Yuri,

Before everything starts, no one in the world could ever imagine how would the year of 2020 looks like.

Sometimes the world just feels unreal. Now in China, the whole strict social distancing period already seems to be coming to an end, people have been back to work for nearly two month, the schools are preparing to open and the traffic congestion is back too. It seems like everything is already back to normal but we know many things changed.

I can remember on mid-March, when Covid-19 was under control in my city, the first time I wandered to a nearby street for dine-in in my familiar restaurant. I found that the restaurant was closed forever with a notice of shop for rent on the front door. And I walked down this short street, same condition happened to several restaurants as well. The whole scene really shocked me that time.

I can even remember that one day when I was going out for some grocery shopping, I suddenly realize that I forgot wear my mask which almost felt like going out naked. I ran back to my apartment, grabbed my mask then I felt relief.

However, the good part is I gained cooking skills a lot during the isolation period. Sometimes I kinda miss the days when me and my husband locking in our apartment, nowhere else to go, instead of ordering food online we cooked all by ourselves. That makes the apartment feels like home more than ever.

A couple of days ago, when I was a little bit down as the future sometimes seems not so clear and bright to me, I just picked up my switch and started playing the game “Animal Crossing” as usual. On that night, the sky out of my window was gloom and dark. But when playing the game, one of the animal residents on my island suddenly ran and chatted to me: “Hey, look up, aren’t the stars beautiful tonight? Sometimes, when looking at the vast sky, staring at the countless twinkle stars up there, I feel that those setbacks I encountered with seems to be quite small and less important.” It might seem stupid, but I have to admit that I was comforted by the words of an e-game character.

Do you feel the same when you looking at the sky?

Carol, Shanghai, China