You See It or You Don’t… Things Change

Dear Yuri,

The sun is shining.
Birds chirping, gentle wind.
In the wuthering garden.

The lush sunshine a mile away.
Under the vintage roof I lay.
A cool sweat runs down my spine,
As I feel what’s behind,
I turn and see to feel a little more,
I see through the window,
As the clock hits four.

In the patterns of season drawn
I believe the summer born beauty
I saw it in today’s dawn.

Then I slept quite a few hours.
Then I saw outside… colourful twinkling lights.
I see it / I don’t see it
Things change.
Sometimes fireflies,
Sometimes colourless nights.
They help me see through eyes closed
That there’s more than my room.
More than me alone.

AKH, Assam, India

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