The world was still spinning, but it had stopped moving.

So far this year, nearly half the planet has been in lockdown.

As we look out of our windows at the same night sky, what do we see from our different perspectives?

We’re building a global anthology of stories from isolation and we need yours…

On 12th April 1961, an astronaut watched the world from way above the clouds as he orbited the earth. His name was Yuri Gagarin and he was the first person to journey into space. This incredible feat of human endeavour inspired a generation to dream about the possibilities beyond their windows. It gave the world hope about what could be achieved through bravery, courage and the power of imagination.

Fast forward almost 60 years and the view that Yuri enjoyed through the window of his spaceship looking down on the world below, has been flipped on its head. Now, as a world, we are forced to watch the skies from our own windows, isolated from our loved ones and the freedoms we once took for granted whether we’re a president, popstar or a postal worker.

We will get through this challenging time and when it’s over, those of us who can will dance in the streets with our neighbours and hug the people we’ve missed. One thing we must all remember is that lockdown doesn’t look the same the world over. For many, this feeling of isolation or anxiety is a familiar one. We want to use the power of this unprecedented, shared global experience of isolation, to support and build a new future that has empathy and understanding at its core.

To celebrate the anniversary of Yuri’s incredible adventure, as we all look out at the same night sky, we ask you to share what your world looks like and the way you feel right now in 300 words or less. Your ‘Letter to Yuri’ will be used to build a collective anthology of words from our windows, capturing this unique moment in time and in turn, raising awareness of  people who may be forced to continue living in isolation even when lockdown is over.

Share the world from your window…

As you look up at the night sky what are you thinking?

How are you feeling?

What does your lockdown look like?

Begin your story with ‘Dear Yuri’ and tell us in 300 words or less..