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We are a space where people can tell their story and share their thoughts and feelings to help make sense of what's happening around them.

We believe that by sharing how we see the world with other people, we can create a global community that transcends physical boundaries. We want to bring people together to create a shared story of a better, and brighter future.

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The World From My Window is an unscripted show where we lead our guests through a conversation inspired by the process a writer takes when planning their work, with the aim of uncovering the true life stories of our guests.

We want to find out what the world looks like from their window, hear about the characters that have inspired them, the moments that have shaped the chapters of their life, what they have learnt along the way and even, what the title of their life story might be.

Latest episodes


The World From My Window started life as a global anthology of lockdown stories, but as the world opens up we are broadening the ways we share stories with the world and there are many ways you can be involved.

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