The World From My Window

A home for storytellers.
We are a space for people to tell their story and share their thoughts and feelings, to help them make sense of what’s happening around them.
We believe that by sharing how we see the world with other people, we can create a global community that transcends physical boundaries. We want to bring people together to create a shared story of a better, and brighter future.

Our world is facing a new dawn. Global citizens in every country face unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Nothing can be predicted right now and this has had an impact on our individual and collective wellbeing.

With so much instability, the need to take care of ourselves and others is more urgent than ever.  We need outlets for our emotions, thoughts and feelings – this is where The World From My Window comes in.

The World From My Window is a home for storytellers. We share the words of others in our ever-growing global anthology of stories from across the world. You don’t need to be an accomplished writer, poet or pop-star, all you need to do is write down whatever it is you’re thinking and what your world looks like right now and we’ll do the rest.

We are open to all forms of submission – short stories, monologues, poems…

Your story must be under 300 words, written by you and not taken from any other sources.

What does your chapter 2 read like? How does the world from your window look as we enter this new normal? What have you discovered about yourself, and the people around you? What positivity has come out of this momentary pause? How do we now build the best possible future?

Share the world from your window today…