Hope Street

The World From My Window, Hope Street is a collaboration between artists and communities that explores our relationship with hope, in the UK, Sudan and Ethiopia.

‘Hope Street’ is an ambitious piece of research and development that we think will grow into something special. At this stage we’re being led by these questions;
When the immediate future is uncertain, where does hope sit? and, if we find it, how can we wield it as an act of resistance?

What might we discover through gathering and weaving our stories together about what it costs to access hope and about our own relationships with hope?

How might what we discover help others understand more about hope in their own lives?
Hope Street brings three creative teams together across three countries and three very different communities; in the UK we’re working with people impacted by housing instability, in Sudan the community has been beating heart and banging drum of the recent resistance and in Ethiopia a community of weavers share what hopes means to them as they travel from the hills to the streets of Addis Ababa.

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