A World After This

Dear Yuri,

This silence is peaceful, Karachi has never been this clean before. The air is less polluted, almost like the world is healing itself. It’s good to find some positivity in these uncertain times even when the world is full of negativity. I finally came to this realisation that it is my family that makes me the happiest, it’s good to spend some time with them, I just wish my Dad would have been here.

Music, Netflix and baking have been essentials in my life lately. It’s good to try something new and fail and then try again without having to worry about wasting my time. Suddenly cancelling plans is the responsible thing to do and for an introvert like me, that is just pure heaven since I don’t have to come up with excuses every time.

Going for some groceries has become an extreme sport now, and using hand sanitisers every five minutes even when you’re at home is just how life has been now a days. I fear for a world after this, and how different it will all be. Will we always fear before touching the elevator handles? will people always have that terrified look when someone sneezes in public?

Here’s hoping that we are ready for a new normal!

Khadija, Karachi, Pakistan

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