Dear Yuri,

Staring outside
How the world change?
It used to be busy
It used to be crowded
It used to be loud
It used to be fast forward
Now it’s idle
Now it’s elude
Now it’s silence
Now it’s in slow motion
What if….
What if it didn’t happen?
What if we don’t have to stay at home?
What if we are not in this weird situation?
What if the world is still the same?
And nothing has changed?
Maybe we’re still ignorant
Maybe we still don’t care
Maybe we’re still pretending
Still impasse
Still deaf
Still blind
But the world did change
Being in halt makes us
Focus on what truly matters
We are breaking through
Our minds are open and awake
We are learning
We are listening
And finally…
Our eyes are wide open

Ry A. , Manila, Philippines

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