Becoming A Teacher

Dear Yuri,

I have always dreamt about being a teacher.
From a very young age I have always been eager.
To be at the front of the class taking the register.
Dressing up on World Book Day as my favourite character.
Now, in September, I will achieve my dream.
I have finally finished my PGCE.
I will have a class all to myself.
Giving each child the chance to prove themselves.
Yet, I have been at home since March.
Looking out the window thinking about how I should be teaching a class.
Instead we try to learn to teach online.
I get on with it. I pretend I’m fine.
But as each day goes by I wonder if I’ll actually be ready.
I see experienced colleagues trying to take down trainee teachers already.
Saying that we will be under-qualified.
It makes me anxious. It makes me want to hide.
Then I remember my journey so far.
The smiles on the children’s faces. The parents that said I was a star.
I may be less experienced.
I may need some more support next year.
I may be nervous. I may be worried.
But I will give everything Monday to Friday.
To ensure that each and every child has their day.
I will provide my new class with the best education.
To make us all proud of the next generation.
Shoutout to all my NQT’s for next year.
You’ll all smash it. Don’t have too much fear.

Dan, Aylesbury, England

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